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Encaustic Art is an ancient medium used in a modern way, heated tools such as travel irons, soldering irons and heat plates have been used to melt and move pigmented beeswax over gloss card and other surfaces

 The wonderful thing about Encaustic Art, is, that anyone can do it, whatever your artistic ability, whatever your age, it is just so easy to do, then just like me you will be experimenting with different coloured cards, different tools and different techniques.
I now demonstrate my art at Craft Fairs and School Fetes giving children young and old, an opportunity to explore their inner artist and to experience the beautiful simplicity that Encaustic Art has to offer.

Geoff Keeble was born in London in 1955. He began his artistic career some 19 years ago after having seen the works of Michael Bossom a freelance Encaustic Artist, Geoff purchased a Starter Kit and began experimenting to determine which genre best suited him.  At that time he began demonstrating the various techniques at local craft fairs, school fetes, demonstrations and workshops. This is where he saw Encaustic Painting as a vehicle not only to subsidise his income, but as a means to express his creativity and to share his passion with budding artists, young and old.

For the last few years however, Geoff has sought to expand his style, experimenting with different techniques and materials, Abstract and Fantasy work has enabled him to express his love for bright vivid colours, whilst Landscapes are common themes that help express his love for the countryside around him.

His artistic influences are clearly seen in his work. Michael Bossom has always been a long-term inspiration, so to, that of the works of Hazel Rayfield. His deepest passion however is introducing young artists to explore their own creativity.

Geoff is an Associate Member of The Reading Guild of Artists.

To see more of Geoff's work, go to Facebook and check out GKArtsandCrafts